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Intense Pulse Light (IPL)/ Photofacial
You can now receive Intense Pulse Light (IPL)/ Photofacial treatments at Esthetics at Allegheny Physical Medicine!! We are so excited to announce the arrival of our newest service, but what exacly is it? and what does it do?
Let us give you the info...

What is Intense Pulse Light?
(Also commonly known as Photo facial)

IPL is a device that uses different wavelengths of light to penetrate layers of the skin to treat many different skin concerns and conditions. These conditions include rosacea, redness and broken blood vessels, brown pigmentation issues, age spots, freckles, sun damage, as well as help with over all skin rejuvenation!

Is IPL painful?
When the pulses of light are applied to the skin you may feel a stinging sensation, similar to a quick snap of a rubber band against the skin. Ice can be applied to the area to keep it comfortable and the treatment itself is fairly quick. Most clients say the results far outweigh the discomfort!

How many treatments will I need? How long will it last?
It is not uncommon to see results after one IPL treatment however, we recommend 3 - 6 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart. IPL can also be combined with other treatments with 2 weeks in between.
We want to say you "turn back the clocks" with this treatment, however time keeps ticking and maintenance treatments may be needed. Once a series of monthly treatments are completed and desired results are achieved people will return for a maintenance treatment once or twice a year!

Is there any downtime with an IPL treatment?
One of the many great benefits of IPL is that there is no downtime after treatment, some may have a little bit of redness immediately after but that should subside in a few hours. You can apply make up right after if needed and some brown spots may get darker for a few days until they peel off but other then wearing sunscreen everyday there is not much to do after!

What do you do pre and post treatment?
Before you receive this treatment we will go over pre and post care with you but a few things to keep in mind...
  • 2-4 weeks before you should avoid excessive sun, self tanners and tanning beds (other areas could be tan just not the area to be treated)
  • Be VERY diligent about applying SPF daily
  • To avoid bruising refrain from taking asprin or ibpuprofen the week prior to treatment
  • Avoid skincare products containing Retin-A the week before treatment


Now taking appointments for IPL you can call us at 412.831.0222 or you can book online at https://www.vagaro.com/apmesthetics!