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Botox Injections in Pittsburgh - Be Wrinkle Free!

is the perfect tool to eliminate fine to even deep wrinkles without costly and invasive surgery. Who is a good candidate for
BOTOX® Cosmetic? Women aged 30 and beyond feel that they can benefit from either Dysport or Botox injections to help them be wrinkle free. In addition, we have patients in their late 20's receiving Botox injections, to help prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

How experienced is your injector?

At Allegheny Physical Medicine, our cosmetic injections are performed by a skilled, licensed RN with over sixteen years of full-time experience, currently working for one of the top Plastic Surgeons in the Pittsburgh area. Allegheny Physical Medicine has been a trusted member of the Bethel Park medical community since 1992 and is under the medical direction of Nagaraj Kotekal, M.D.

Botox Prices in Pittsburgh - Is it affordable?

Allegheny Physical Medicine, we offer some of the best prices on Botox in Pittsburgh. By charging per unit and not per area, you are only paying for the actual amount of Botox or Dysport that you receive.
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When will I see results?
Results of your Botox or Dysport injection will start to take effect in approximately 5-7 days, with full effect taking place within 2 weeks.

Does it hurt?
Most patients find that the small, fine needle used for injecting Botox or Dysport does not hurt nearly as much as getting blood drawn or any other typical injection such as vaccines, etc.

How does it work?
The injection of Botox or Dysport relaxes nearby facial muscles by blocking nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Temporarily weakening these facial muscles allows wrinkled skin to smooth out and reduces lines in the face resulting from your natural expressions. The results of Botox or Dysport injections can last for up to three to four months.

What areas can be treated?
Commonly treated areas are the forehead, between the eyes, and outer corners of the eyes (crow's feet).