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Permanent makeup is available at Esthetics at Allegheny Physical Medicine in Bethel Park by licensed esthetician, Lexi Hays.

permanent makeup, bethel park, pittsburghPermanent Makeup FAQ's

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance your natural features. Eyebrows frame your face and helps your other features stand out. Having shaped eyebrows can take years off your appearance. Having your eyeliner done will make your eyelashes appear thicker. The color and shape can be customized to your preference. It is great for women who are unskilled with cosmetics or who are looking to save time in there daily routine and wake up beautiful. You can swim, sweat, cry and still feel confident your makeup is in place. Don't worry about smudges or re-applying your makeup. We want you to look like yourself, only better. No one will know you have your makeup tattooed!

What should I know before my appointment?
Botox/Fillers can not be done for 2 weeks after the procedure. Do not use Latisse for at least 14 days prior and 2 weeks after. Eyebrow/eyelash tinting should be done no sooner than 48 hours prior and 2 weeks following the procedure. Eyelash extensions must be removed before an eyeliner procedure and can be filled again 2 weeks after. Contact lenses must be removed during the eyeliner procedure, please remember to bring your glasses! Avoid the use of alcohol, aspirin, Ibuprofen and Niacin for 48 hours before your procedure. Keep in mind, it’s a Red Cross policy to wait one year after any tattooing procedure to donate blood.

What should I expect at my appointment?
Appointments usually take around 2 hours. Feel free to wear your eyebrow/eyeliner the way you wish to have it done and bring in your pencils or powders you normally use. We will start the appointment by drawing on your eyebrows/eyeliner the exactly how it will done and going over colors. You will be able to see the shape and color before committing to the procedure.

What is the after care?
Immediately after, the pigment will be darker than the desired color. Over the next couple of days the color will soften as they heal. The area may feel tender, tight and ichty. The color will flake as the skin exfoliates, it is very important you do not pick at this skin. No direct contact with water or cosmetics should occur for 6 days. A thin amount of ointment supplied can applied daily. If planning a chemical peel, MRI or other medical procedure, please notify them you have an iron-oxide cosmetic tattoo. If planning to have laser hair removal on the face or a Photo Facial using IPL, notify your laser specialist, the area must be avoided by the laser.

How long does it last?
Permanent makeup does fade and will require touch-ups over time. Fading greatly depends on skin type and lifestyle. Wearing a good sunscreen daily on eyebrows, once healed, will prevent fading. Most touch-ups are done every 1-3 years. As my client, touch-ups will always be offered at a discounted price.

Are there any contraindications?
You cannot be pregnant or nursing at the time of your procedure. Vision correction surgeries can be done 1 month before or 3 months after with medical clearance. You must be off Accutane for at least 1 year. If you take blood thinners, steroids, are having chemotherapy or are an insulin dependent diabetic you will need medical clearance. If you have a joint replacement, heart condition, heart valve replacement or stents you will need medical clearance and may need to be pre-medicated. If you’ve had a organ transplant, you are not a candidate.

"I was nervous about getting permanent makeup on my eyebrows, because I feared they would always look overdone and not natural. Lexi was so patient with me, and she allowed me to give input throughout the process. The result was incredible! My eyebrows look natural yet refined, and now I don't have to use eyebrow pencil anymore unless going for a more dramatic look! It was one of the best makeup investments I ever made, and Lexi is a trusted professional I will definitely return to again."