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Yumi Lash Lift, a favorite in Beverly Hills, CA is available at Esthetics at Allegheny Physical Medicine in Bethel Park, PA!
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Yumi Lash Lift and Tint Q&A

Q: What is Yumi Lash Lift and Tint?
A: Yumi Lash Lift is an eyelash enhancement. It is NOT a perm, growth serum or mascara. No extensions are needed, it’s your own natural lashes lifted and boosted! The treatment is hypoallergenic and causes no damage to your natural eyelashes. Yumi Lash Lift makes the most of your lashes, giving them a lifted, fuller and more lengthened appearance. Yumi Tint boosts the color and gives volume to your eyelashes, replacing the need for mascara.

Q: How long does a treatment take?
A: A lash lift and tint takes around 1 hour depending on the health of your lashes.

Q: How long does the Lash Lift and Tint last?
A: Lash lifts last 8-12 weeks. This is the average life cycle of the eyelash. Lash tints last 4 weeks and can be done between lift treatments.

Q: What is the treatment like?
A: We ask you come with no eye makeup on. The cleaner the lashes, the better the lift! We will also ask you to remove contact lenses but you will be able to put them back in immediately after. The treatment is totally painless. You will be asked to keep your eyes closed. Feel free to take a nap!

Q: How much is a treatment?

A: $175

Q: What is the aftercare?
A: For 48 hours after your treatment, it’s best to avoid direct contact with water and cosmetics on your eyelashes. After 48 hours, there is no maintenance and you may do as you please.

Q: Can I wear mascara or use growth serums?
A: Yes, after 48 hours mascara and growth serums can be used to further enhance your eyelashes. Most people choose not to wear mascara, as the Yumi Lashes give enough desired effect on their own.

Q: How often can I get a lash lift treatment?
A: You may repeat treatments at a minimum of 8 weeks. Tints can be done every 4 weeks.

Q: What are the contraindications?
A: Contraindications include Alopecia areata, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), current use of prescription eye drops, currently having chemotherapy and eye surgery in the past 4 months.